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The theatre looks confusing…….!!!!

And how! But it’s somehow appropriate in this zany square, which is a sensory overload. Having said all that, when I was there on 30 Nov (a sunny, freezing day) it all looked magnificent and gave the lie to the idea of the ‘dull’ Docklands. The view from Crazy Square (or Mxyzptlk Plaza) is dominated by the water (as it should be) and the little Schwarz jetty makes you feel really in contact with the basin (of course, I wanted to straighten all the lightposts and although I’m not a fan of DL, if you half-shut your eyes…). The views are big, the architecture is interesting (with the reflecting office block across from the hotel the clear winner on a sunny day) and it’s starting to come to life. It’s connected to Pearse St and from there to Ringsend and the city: coffee on the corner, pricey organic stuff at the St Andrew’s RC, a view (but NO ENTRY!) of Pearse Sq – a real tranquil oasis – and the feel of an area in progress.
The Downturn will give it all a chance to settle down; the next phase? Demolition and redevelopment of that ugly shed at the NE corner of P Sq, relocation of the An Post yard (how they must be kicking themselves they didn’t dump it in the boom!), a ‘mews terrace’ along Macken St behind PSq (and the new bridge), more social and affordable hsg with lower property values, etc. And Goodbye to Bono.
Me, I think the South Docklands is great and people are failing to see the wood for the trees. The foundations have been laid, there’s plenty of time to humanise it and get the rest of it ‘right’.

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