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im not sure what all the fuss is about as the near-finished article albeit without the top fringe and deep window reveal looks as BAD as the original renders and graphics suggested it would look.
Hands up all those who couldnt see that this was a monstrosity in the making.
Your probably the same people who think that Madonna really does look that good at 50 in her current cover shot on this months Vogue…
This is hilarious , reading all the old posts of everyone wetting themselves at the thought of a starchitect gracing our shores with his latest creation. No matter what stone was going to be used it was always always going to look modular, dated and bland. Take a bus around the periherique in Paris and you will see a hundred of these same structures, low cost housing, The best is yet to come, Im actually looking forward to the total completion of the whole development including Libeskinds shoe box , just to see how really bad something of this scale and with this much potential can actually come to realisation, having being backed to the hilt by the architectural establishment …this is very very funny stuff.

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