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Here’s a glance at what’s happening with the Mateus hotel. It looks as if they’ve added another lift shaft since November and there’s more activity going on at ground level I can’t make out. There are some good pictures from Devin and CM00 in the New Public Space for Docklands thread that, combined with some of these, give a good sense of how the plaza is developing.

In keeping with the cart-before-the-horse spirit, they have started to install some of the lighting that will form a pathway alongside the rumored ‘performing arts theatre.’ They seem to be a bit cheaply made and don’t look as though they’ll wear well over time.

Lots of lights. Lots and lots of lights. One can only grit one’s teeth in anticipation (fear?) of what it will look like once the Libeskind mothership lands. There are such bizarre juxtapositions going on right now, some quite wonderful:

Or this:

So far, so good. But then, gentle reader, you get this travesty:

Arrggh! The cheapy green bulbs, apart from reminding me of a marquee or some emergency exit path lighting gone all wrong, are garish and detract from the oddball, elegant simplicity of the vertical red lights.

The renderings of the plaza are flashy all right. When you look at the plans for everything all together: the red sticks, the green Disney benches, the odd triangular yokes, the performing arts theatre and its ‘meaningful’ angles, the sleek checkerboard of the Mateus, it really is sensory overload. All of them? All at once? I know I should suspend judgment until it’s all built, but I feel at the moment rather like that Grand Canal Harbour chimney… hidden away, standing in the center of a bizarre half-wasteland, half-art installation, wondering whatever was wrong with leaving a little open space.

Enjoy it while it lasts…

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