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Since ctesiphone gamely volunteered to be stuck indoors on this lovely day covering the high-rise/density conference, I took a stroll down the docks at lunch time to get a look at the hotel. I know we’re supposed to keep an open mind on these things until they’re finished, or is it until they’re all weathered in and patinated, but I can’t hold off, this block offends me on so many levels.

I’ll agree the panels aren’t actually formica, (they do appear to be stone, presumably Portuguese limestone), but they’re put together like formica. Where the ground floor is knawed away and curved sections are required, two flat planes are used with a cut line in between. The amount of structural steel framing that has gone into producing this (to me) dubious concept, is breathtaking, but currently, all this lovely frame work is in the process of being covered up and will never again be seen. There are steel frames in here that wouldn’t look out of place on the Forth Bridge, but they’re being encased in a finish that has the qualities of styrofoam.

This hotel has a perfect location, in away from traffic noise, facing a new theatrical square, over-looking the Grand Canal Dock, but it doesn’t look like you can open a window. There could be performance art going on outside, or somebody drowning 10m away and you’re in your hotel room hermetically sealed.

It is, however, incredibly eye-catching, which is also very annoying.

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