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According to Frank McDonald in today’s paper, quote: ‘The passion is all on one side – those who want Liberty Hall to be retained as an ‘icon’ of the emergence of modern Ireland’

Leaving aside the card carrying members of DOCOMOMO, whose passion is a little bit too easily aroused in my opinion, I suspect that the bulk of the people who would be against the demolition of Liberty Hall, and its replacement by a significantly taller and bulkier version, would be people keen on seeing that a bigger mistake isn’t made now than was made in the 1960s.

Another issue I have with the current proposal is the scandalously misleading photomontage [reproduced in the McDonald article] which chooses a vantage point from where the entire streetscape of Eden Quay is obscured by foliage, conveniently concealing the jarring contrast in scale. I know they’re going to say; hey we sent out a guy to take a picture and this is what he came back with, but deep down they must know that this is a subtle misrepresentation.

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