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A few flaws in your logic there D-A-V-E.
“at the proposed height its bound to be surpassed in dublin city by other buildings”:
ah, not likley to happen, I mean its not like no one has thought of it, build a tall building, seems logical enough, other cities can do it, not a reason in itself, but certinaly not a reason not to. But then the proposal always seem to mysteriously vanish off the radar…. into some black hole for tall buildings.
This one I really don’t get:
“at least double the height of the current one to symbolise what was and is now going to be the true building of dublin?”
So it should be taller to symbolise the fact that its the tallest building?? (I thought my slenderness ratio argument was pushing it)
“build the next one high enough so that people wont complain about it”
Have you read any of these threads on highrise (or indeed anything), everyone complains about everything! (myself included)
“if you replace it go all out like!”
Are you from Cork?

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