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Georgian irish rose fusion?
bricks, rubber mould precast, metal and glass? with timber floors to the office?

I want siptu to stay on the site…
Some sketchy ideas… in good faith
If you assume around 1000 m sq per floor…
The current proposal tower is around 69% percent efficient per floor.
Floor plate around 594 m sq.
184 m sq. of stairs lifts ect per floor
what is the size of the existing tower floor plate and how efficient is it?

option 1 no tower:

5000 metres of floor plate ground to 4th ( no set back)
1000 metres 5th/6th 50% of site
3000 metres in basement
1000 metre roof deck (500 x 2) if you want

only have a double height space for 10-20% of the site not 50%
relocate the main stair core to the west north corner of the site the secondary one to the north east corner

= 9500 m sq. with much less circulation space… 66% of what is proposed and it does not go above 6 stories + roof deck

I really want to see quality in this project…
The onerous fire requirements are going to pretty much make any towers form questionable in Ireland on a tight site like this unless they refurbish but even then its unlikely they can escape them.

it’s cringe worthy…

why don’t they want large floor plates around 800-900 m sq? they could get 4 of them almost with make less of a core and plant…
All these levels in a small floor plate tower make circulation wasteful and time consuming…
DCC could also give them some of the roads to the east

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