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Still the same cigarette-stained murky 1970s lighting system…

Got round to watching your documentary Paddy. Well done: an elegant, simple piece. Nicely lit, shot and edited, with some fine original music of a subtle oriental theme. Loved the almost-vertical mosaic pans πŸ˜‰

Desmond Rea O’Kelly is very much a man of his time, and reminds me of some of his other contemporaries, many of whom share the same charming, traditional traits of that generation. One question stands out as unanswered though (I get the impression a clean edit didn’t allow for it), is whether Rea O’Kelly was responsible for the installation of reflective glass, and if so why he chose to use it. Perhaps this could be clarified? It appears he was.

Also, if there’s one thing I’d have liked to have been included in the programme, it would be his thoughts, then and now, on the impact of Liberty Hall on the Custom House and indeed the city at large. It’s something we’ve never actually heard in public to my knowledge. Also a slight expansion on his thinking behind the design concept relative to the brief would have been interesting – why exactly a tower form was chosen, how its proportions were arrived at, a little on the somewhat compromised floorplates etc. But hey, when you bag a big ‘un, you squeeze out as much as ya can before they turn on you πŸ˜‰

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