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I think the design is a little too square and boxy. We have come a long way in architectural technology, surely something more daring and origional could be built? I do however like the sound of the public elements such as the skydeck/cafe/exhibition space. The arrangement of the the ground floor areas also sounds interesting based on Frank MacDonalds description in the IT.

Personally I like the current Liberty Hall. I know, it doesn’t work as office space any more. But as a mid-1960s structre it ain’t that bad. Unfortunately it is thrown together with all the dross for the later 1960s and 1970s. I would demolish Hawkins House, Apollo House, O’Connell Bridge House and all of the 4/5 storey pastiche crap on Mount St before Liberty Hall!

Inevitably I think this will draw the ire of the anti hi-rise brigade, which oes exist despite what some posters say. They will see this as an opportuinity to erase a tall building from Dublin forever. I predict an avalanche of objections to ABP who are very ill disposed to anything which breaks parapit height or anything thats not squat and blocky! Either floors will be shaved off or it will be refused. When we could only get a handfull of multi storey buildings in the docklands where the skyline and Georgian Dublin are not considerations this new building within the “historic” core has little hope!


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