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If we were talking about retaining Liberty hall as an object for posterity or as a symbol of Dublin obviously it is a given that it should be retained and refurbished under the auspices of another Organisation. I do however feel it needs to be undelined that the structure of the building -i.e. the rc core- takes up 50% of the floorplate. No amount of “refitting” or “modernisation” will alter this fact.

In a similar vein, This means that the building – no matter how much money you spend on making it “look” better – or even bringing it back to it’s original appearance- will make it WORK better in as much as what SIPTU need from the structure: more floorspace and less segmentation and hierarchy in their offices. Put simply; the building does not work and cannot be made to work for its users. Surely the discourse should take this into account rather than focusing entirely upon aesthetics…

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