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Liberty hall is a total monstrosity that contributes a huge amount to the rundown feel of Dublin from O’Connell Bridge. Both that and that Heineken building should be torn down, the bridge should be refurbished, and all that revolting signage either side of O’Connell Street should be removed.

The area of liberty hall should be returned to the same scale as the surrounding buildings, perhaps it could be a perfect location for a new Abbey Theatre, perhaps still attached to the old abbey theatre so that it retains an element of authenticity. Siptu should be given a plot of land on the docklands and be told they can build 30 storeys if they want to. This is all common sense and nobody could possibly disagree.

It’s not common sense and I disagree.

Both O’Connell Bridge House and Liberty Hall should be preserved, love them or hate them they are part of what makes Dublin ‘Dublin’. Liberty Hall should be refurbished to the original spec and then it wouldn’t look rundown at all. Siptu will always want to retain a presence on a historical site rather than be fecked off down the docks.

And quite why the abbey theatre should move to a smaller narrower site is beyond me.

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