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If this site was virgin territory, only a lunatic would build a high-rise tower in front of the Custom House, so why is that being discussed now as if it’s a done deal? This is the same city that has a collective heart attack every time someone suggests anything taller than a bungalow within 10 miles of a Georgian.
CPOs don’t seem to be a problem when it comes to motorways and sports stadiums. Why can’t the council do a swap with SIPTU and take over the site? Why can’t its future be based on aesthetics and heritage instead of whether some union official has enough desk space for his mousepad? It’s mind-boggling that what’s built on one of the most visually sensitive sites in the country is in the hands of the trade union that happens to own it, and made a hames of it 40 years ago.
As it stands, Liberty Hall only makes sense as a 1960s tower, its presence on the skyline tells the story of Ireland in its first boom decade. Love it or hate it, it’s Dublin’s most evocative building of the 20th century. The only justification for knocking it would be to replace it with a low-rise and restore the line of sight to the Custom House. Even then I think it would take a generation to get over the shock of not seeing it.
I don’t think a taller, more “tasteful” tower can be built on this site. I have absolutely no faith in the planners delivering it.
I’m afraid the worst possible outcome is the most likely – a fat, ugly 10-storey compromise that people will be scratching their heads over in 2047.

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