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Has a consensus emerged on whether Liberty Hall should go at all?

@jdivision wrote:

Paul, unfortunately unless they do something with the rail bridge the sightlines of the Custom House are already ruined

The image is interesting in that it shows views of the north Dublin hills prior to development of the Irish Life Centre and that the loopline had no advertising hoardings at least as late mid 1960’s

I thought about this on the way to work this morning; I couldn’t think of any reason why converting a 60m tower into a 90-120m would do any harm. Then it hit me the shodow analysis test may prove that it would have an effect as the tower is due west of the Custom House which may result in shadowing of the Custom House. An independent shadow analysis would sort this out.

One aspect of SIPTU’s argument for replacement that disturbs me is their assertion that it is jaded office space and that they have a right of equivelence to new third or fourth generation space to be paid for by an additional quantum of development. My view on this is that the building must in circumstances where it is owner occupied be considered to be a landlord’s void i.e. the landlord must decide whether they wish to invest to bring the specification up to contemporary norms to attract a tenant on passing income streams.

Why should SIPTU have the planning rules bent so that they can have free offices?

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