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@Rory W wrote:

Dublin wouldn’t have the air of a hypermodern asian megacity if you plonked it down in the middle of Hong Kong – what needs to be done is to clean the bejasus out of the place and stop tolerating the filth, drugs and general scumminess of the city (BTW: I love Dublin but it really is getting worse and resembles somewhere like Sheffield – in fact I felt safer going out the last time I was in Sheffield).

As for Liberty hall – restore it

Spot on Rory,

Here in Paris, even some of the more dodgy council Projects or “Cités” often look tidier than most Dublin streets, but hey, I guess Dirty Dublin simply has a reputation to defend!
Liberty Hall just needs revamping, there are many other buildings in the city that need to be tore down, and I’m thinking especially of new tacky apartment blocks!
Has anyone seen the new apartment block on the site of the old Leinster cinema on Dolphins Barn? It’s about 9 stories high and appears as though it was made of red bricks recuperated from the demolished Fatima Mansion flats down the road from where it stands, it looks dreadful! :

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