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The image of the new Laughter Lounge doesn’t tell us much except that it is strikingly similar to the Trinity Capital Hotel (which is not good)
I agree that it is ‘anywhere’ architecture, but then again – to dabble a toe into vast waters of debate – isn’t that the nature of modern architecture? Certainly in the context of expecting much higher quality architecture for a prominent site in the heart of the capital I’d agree.

Should be able to get a pic tomorrow.

I can’t agree Peter & Diaspora that Eden Quay is poor architecturally, if anything quite the opposite; it looks especially well in the morning sun. There is a fine mix of buildings there, albethey somewhat underwhelming for the centre of the city, not least in height terms, with most of the quay easily able to accommodate an extra storey.
There is a nice mixture of 1920s and earlier bulidings that are very attractive making up most of the quay – maybe it’s the poor state of repair of the buildings and general down-at-heel environment you refer to, in which case I’d agree.
A case in point are the aluminium windows you refer to Diaspora, and the windows of the lovely building on the opposite corner, where the steel originals were replaced with (convincing at a distance, but nasty up close) PVC.

Also agree about the Liberty Hall shops, they are woeful. That’s an interesting story about Liberty Hall – wonder who’d take it on. I couldn’t get over the amount of space the lift & stair shafts take up the first time I was in there – often heard it harped on about but you really can’t believe it till you see it!
It really goes to show how the building went up in that format purely for height status.

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