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Well saw it today – looks as you’d expect really, average.
Not that there’s anything wrong with average – as J Seerski points out, these terraces act as a foil to greater things – but there’s good average and there’s bad average, and I think it unfortunately falls into the latter.

It’s a blah building, one that tries to please everyone with olde worlde & modern materials, but both used in a traditional way, creating an unremarkable, entirely forgettable structure.
But it’s the parapet height that annoys me, it crudely breaks it – ironically the very level I said could do with an extra storey, but not in this fashion. The extra height adds an additional bulk to the building as a whole making it push out onto the quay.
The regular cornice height along here is kind of respected – at least limestone was used, which works quite well with neighbouring buildings. What does not, and annoys me most about this building is the modern dusty pink red-brick used. Why was the orangey-red of all other stock not used? It is the same with nearly every other similar development in the city, the same coloured brick is never sourced which I find totally inexcusable.

Here’s a pic – sorry about the light, it was disappearing way too fast 🙁 :

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