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@Angry Rebel wrote:

I was only thinking last week about one of the biggest missed opportunities during the Celtic Tiger.

If every city centre hospital was sold at the peak, we could have build a new “campus hospital” somewhere on the outskirts (e.g. within 10 minute drive of city centre – off Bandon Rd, East Cork dual carriageway etc). The value of the city sites would have made it close to cost neutral. We would have freed up city sites for better use (per Pug above) and had a world class hospital, with every specialty and facility you could think of. Well laid out with nice landscaping, decent parking, public transport terminus etc etc. Ijnstead we continue to have a hotch potch of hospitals, with our main one being an overdeveloped, badly laid out and run down CUH. I discussed this with a consultant who works in A&E in CUH and he agreed. He hates CUH as it’s so difficult to work on as a site due to the bitty way in which it’s been developed over the years.

I am sure that if someone was to propose a Houston,Texas style world class medical centre you would have the usual “No to high rise and No to urbansprawl” objectors having their usual fit.

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