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@Angry Rebel wrote:

I too despair.

They are entitled to object, but on grounds that actually mean something from a planning perspective. Why should the grant of permission for Riga have any impact on the funding of a public hospital? Riga is privately funded so it’s not an either/or situation. Even if it was, the planning system is not the correct place for that debate. Similarly, one of the grounds for objection is the potential loss of jobs (see Irish Examiner article)…aside from the fact that the facility will result in a net addition of medical posts for the city, why is this grounds for a planning objection?

Fair point, loss of jobs shouldnt be used to delay planning, you’re right. Personally I think Lancaster Quay/inner city is the wrong place for a private hospital in terms of aesthetics, i dont think its adds anything to such a historic city as cork (then again neither does the desperate eyesore that is Victoria Cross). The hospital is probably being dragged into the public v private hospital debate.

As to whether it should be in the remit of the planning authority if the plan is viable or not and to the general benefit of the city, I would simply say, I wouldnt trust a local authority with that decision, as again, its a policitical decision which is therefore, not always to the benefit of the city. Your case in point being Killarney leisure centre, which appears to have been a pet project of John O’ Donoghue, backed by local councillors, even though there was a huge amount of swimming pools in the area. Its a classic ireland piece of planning. Its now in serious trouble so I would like to see accountability from a) who pushed it through b) how they justified pushing it through c) how much was spent on it d) who will justify the bills it will cost the taxpayer and d) who will resign because of it

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