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RIAI competitions were viewed for years by those of us who weren’t members as mere croneyism writ large.

Then I got to talk to some members who I expected to be tarred with the same brush but instead they nodded wisely and said:

“You’re right – we never win either…!”

So even within the RIAI there was perceived to be a cabal that won all the competitions.

Exactly how objective this point of view is I don’t know.

As to the original poster – welcome to the RIAI Competition environment.

I prefer to see full and frank comments posted á la the AAI awards, where the selection process is actually documented into the form of a book.

Very impressive stuff and useful insights gained into the heads of judges.

The pity is that both in the AAI and the RIAI – many of whose members are part of both organisations, there is a slavish devotion to clipped modernism and rationalism that is hard to dislodge or better.

Some weird and wonderful “erratics” are creeping in though and I hope to see great things in what seems to be a resurgence of Irish design.

This could be the reason for the pithy negative comments – known in college as having had a “hard crit”.

Buck up, learn from the winners and do better next time.

Remember, a collection of painted 40ft. containers won the Point Deport / Dublin Parlour competition, in front of many more mature and considered designs.


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