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Kenmare already is a building site, with crap houses and estates being thrown up everywhere. Just like Tallaght, except there are more trees and fewer horses in Kenmare. No cinema, no swimming pool or public football areas. Nothing for teenagers to do. The original proposal on this has been thrown out; it is only a matter of time before it is back in a different guise. One does not pay 500k an acre to let it lie there. (I think it was 19 mill for 39.odd acres) HOWEVER do not get distracted, much of the objection was drummed up by the the greasy till brigade who did not want a new shopping centre to re-focus the town centre and draw business away from them!
It is true that Forbes Magazine voted Kenmare as one of the top retirement places, but that has to be suspect and I put it down to a superfluity of liquid hospitality at the Park.
There are few if any commercial properties available in Kenmare, only John R’s is available that I know of and ripe for commercial redevelopment. As for talking to councillors, shur Jackie Healy-Rae and the boys will look after ye……….

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