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Frank Taylor

@enmareKeith wrote:

My question is why is a property developer permitted to drastically alter the whole feel of a town and build hundreds of houses none of which fit in architecturally with the Heritage Town ?

It is impossible to comment on whether the houses fit in with the town without seeing the plans.

re many objections being lodged against the development – but if planning is permitted – where do we appeal to afterwards ?

You can object to the plans when they are submitted to the council. If the council approves you can then make an objection to An Bord Pleanala. If ABP approve then this is the end of the road (unless you wish to go to the High Court)

Now we have seen the actual plans it would seem that they are trying to make a mini city out of Kenmare.

The proposal contains 300 houses. Hardly a city or even a minicity.

In the opinion of residents this will kill the tourist industry locally (our only major industry) and will greatly increase the problems of traffic,water supply,sewerage and council expenses.

If the development destroys the aesthetic qualities of the town then it may harm tourism. I would need to see the plans. The developers would have to pay huge levies to the council to meet sewage and water supply costs. Traffic problems are not purely related to population and have more to do with building and road layout.

Considering that Kenmare currently has many empty properties and offices, residents wonder why this development is taking place at all.

The developer and his banks must believe that someone will buy their property.

Any useful comments would be appreciated.

You can take one of two approaches. You can fight tooth and nail and either succeed in partially reducing the plans of the developer or fail completely. Or you could take a concilatory approach and try to work with the developer to ensure that the plans enhance rather than detract from the town.

When a town grows it doesn’t have to be a bad thing yet this is the overriding impression from your comments. Extra houses will need extra retail. This would mean more shops for the locals. Office space and more local residents makes the town a more suitable place to locate business and more jobs for locals.

A town can grow in different patterms. You could alllow 300 housing estate houses on half acre plots or 300 one off houses on 1 acre plots or 300 apartments or 300 terraced houses, following the pattern of the centre of the town. The retail may be out of town, increasing traffic, or street level following the traditional pattern. The offices may be modern blocks or housed in buildings that look like the residential areas. The developers’ repsonses on your website seem fairly reasonalble and you may act in your best interests by engaging with them rather than just going for ‘No surrender’

I can understand your fears. Tralee works well in the centre but most of the growth for the past 40 years has been Tallaght style housing estates. The houses are so far apart that driving is the only way for residents to get between each others houses.

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