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I am quite amazed that CERL is so intimately conversant with the planning law of the Free State. Perhaps, CERL refers to another day for someone other than those who normally refer to it.

Your description of the planning consultation that took place in Kenmare, I have to say that some aspects of it are remarkably similar to the “consultations” that took place about the plans to wreck the interior of Cobh Cathedral, including a rather catty bit about copying plans and drawings. Do you know the name of the planning consultant who is organising the running for the Kenmare scheme?

You will probably have to hire a very competent firm of solicitors to deal with this one effectively. Arthur Cox and Company of Earlsford Terrace, Dublin are among the best in the country and well worth the money. They will also be in a position to advise on the best planning consultants etc.

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