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As far as I can make out the Tholsel was located just inside the city wall at St. Nicholas Gate.

That puts it at Nicholas Street junction with Christchurch place. A pamphlet outining city walks produced by “the Friends of Medieval Dublin” and Dublin City Council says that it stood where the peace garden is now.

It had a mechanical public clock installed in the fifteenth century, which was probably the first of it’s kind in Ireland. The building was demolished in 1809, having been superceded by City Hall (1780?). I’d love to know where that clock ended up! It also housed The Chain Book which ended up in the city archives

Tholsel – The word itself is fascinating, and open to some interpretation

“Thol” is straighforward and surely means Toll. In medieval times it would be toln, but it’s older than that and can be traced to the greeks telneion.

“sel” could be from Salle as in the french Salle – room or hall. But that form of Salle also refers to a double gate (sally-port) which I think St Nics was.
Sel could also have derived from “stalle” or a stall. This could have been the case before the Tholsel building was built.

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