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google is great! 🙂

The late medieval merchants’ hall, known as the Tholsel, stood at the top of Nicholas Street just north of the present ruins of St. Nicholas’s Church. By the middle of the fifteenth century the Tholsel accommodated the town clock, which was probably the first public mechanical clock of its kind in Ireland. The same building housed the Chain Book which was attached by a chain for security and could be consulted on the laws and usages of the town. This manuscript and many others dating from the Middle Ages still survive in the archives of Dublin Corporation in the City Hall in Dame Street.

Figure 6: The Chain Book

This miscellaneous volume contains an illuminated calendar, acts passed by the city assembly, customs of the market-places and the annual fair, and a general customal with 112 sections. It probably stood on a lectern, attached by a clasp and chain, although these have now disappeared. It measures about 28 x 19cm, and is approximately 4cm thick.

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