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@teak wrote:

Probably just trying to suggest that although nominally an executive for the current president of your organization, he is given long rein to make a lot of initiatives on his own, in the name of acting in the best interests of his employers — a kind of power behind a distracted throne.

But I doubt if this is the real story in RIAI any more than it is in other professional bodies.
The “expert” bureaucrats are a common excuse by presidents who want things to go a particular way, in a way that suits them.
In any case, it is really the president who is supposed to actively lead the organization during his/her tenure, especially in relation to matters with significant public impact.

But maybe your president is busy shoring up his own practice these days.

That’s where Seán’s comparison fails.
There is no other power behind the RIAI throne.
Regarding the President – the opposite seems to be the case.
RIAI presidents come and go, but John Graby remains constant, a one man-civil service.
In that regard John Graby is more like Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes Minister – the real power behind the RIAI throne.


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