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True but: [from the RIAI website]
“Will I be prosecuted if I use the title “Architect” after 1 May 2008?
Taking proceedings for misuse of title is a matter for the registration body, the RIAI, as provided for in the Building Control Act 2007. Before any prosecutions can even be considered the system needs to be fully operational, information needs to be in the public realm and all the various entry mechanisms need to be fully operational. In any event prosecution cannot, for obvious reasons, be initiated against a person who has applied for admission while such an application is being considered.”

1 May 2008

The system is not fully operational.

But ensyme’s young friend may have a problem as an RIBA scholl may well not count his work experience. However i have heard that schools there are taking a more lenient view of the experience requirement due to the lack of jobs. Presumably no-one there is taking on third year students so there must be some fall back position.

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