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That’s unbelieveable!
On D’Olier St!
In 2005!
On a Wide Streets Commisssion streetscape!?!

The audacity of the owner or tenant, and the cheek of the PVC company who one can be guaranteed knew exactly what they were at! 😡

On closer inspection you can see why they did it – the lower sash on the right was as good as detached from the frame:

Pity the image couldn’t be better – was taken on a banjaxed 1m camera.
Yes the image was taken on the 1st or 2nd (probably 2nd) of February 2005 – if you need anything else I’ll be happy to oblige.

This is a practice that still seems to be commonplace – the insertion of PVCs into the uppermost floors of Georgians where they supposedly won’t be seen – there’s even quite a few on Merrion Square that seem comparitively recent!

It’s the loss of original fabric that gets me – you’d think original stock in the city centre would be immune from this sort of thing in this day and age 😡

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