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@Graham Hickey (on ‘Westmoreland / D’Olier Streets’) wrote:

Graham, since you took/posted the first photo in February the top floor of Cara Travel has been PVC’d!! Can you believe it?? The sashes were the last originals in the façade as well. What a mess the building is in now: the fine Victorian oriel on the 1st floor, PVCs on the 2nd & 3rd (which are possibly imitations of timber casements fitted at the same time as the oriel), and now mock-Georgian PVCs on the top floor! The ground floor signage is fairly dire as well.

I’m making a complaint about this latest PVCing to Planning Enforcement]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/align]

Andrew, thanks for linking that Westmeath page. Didn’t realise stuff like that exist on local authority websites!

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