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Probably not although the cost of such detailed work in Ireland is prohibitive to all but a few domestic projects, that is why it is such a pity to see special windows replaced or any windows replaced on a building with special windows, once in the UK I spotted a magnificent set of windows not unlike those on Tailor’s Hall on the front of an otherwise quite plain Queen Anne period building, to my horror someone had replaced the less impressive side gable windows with PVc. To make matters worse the building was in an old colliary town on quite an elevated site from which the PVc proportions were evident from 100m. On closer examination it was possible to see deposits of run off from the cleaning had accumulated in the mitred joints and while the PVc was quite white the joints were dark grey and very noticeable. This can be another potential problem that a lick of paint would solve on timber windows but with PVc there is no solution.

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