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Indeed, very comprehensive – ought to be sitting on the counter of every PVC supplier! By law 🙂

Makes a very good point via diagram about how many modern frames, and not just PVC, can wreck the balance of windows by the opening part being larger and bulkier than the fixed parts:

This is by far one of the greatest drawbacks of PVC, softwood windows from the 60s & 70s, and to a lesser extent aluminium.
It also goes to show the level of effort that once went into window construction to ensure the opening parts were concealed – esp evident in Edwardian casements similar to those those above.

Some pics here of surviving sashes – a delightful terrace of buildings in the village of Durrus, or rather these buildings are the village of Durrus 🙂

Very unusual for windows to survive in shop/supermarket buildings due to Super Valu Syndrome, so great to see them here.
Just a pity the signage etc could not be more sensitive:

And a wonderful dormer in Kinsale, with curved sashes no less. What a priceless feature!

Can you imagine anything remotely near the same level of attention to detail being paid today, especially in such a secondary location? :rolleyes:

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