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A very good page Andrew thanks, though a bit more balance would be welcome in favour of PVC dare I say – accuracy is everything with such comparisons.
There is no doubting the low-maintenance appeal of the product – this is at the end of the day what the vast majority of its market wants it for.

The site makes a very good point when stating ‘the average house changes hands every 7-10 years’ – at present this is why the negative aspects of PVC are remaining hidden for the moment, simply because very few people have yet to live in a house long enough to experience the plastic’s twilight years!
You move into a shiny new first-time development with new PVCs, then move on to a second hand house that’s just ‘had the windows done’, and third time round move to a house with 70s timber or something that needs replacing and so more new PVC goes in. The nasty hidden side of the product will only hit home in 10/20 years time.

Some of the truly astounding misinformation that’s on the internet here from a page entitled:

“What are the advantages of Vinyl Windows?”

“One of the well-known advantages of vinyl windows is their superb degree of insulation. When compared with aluminum window frames, vinyl keeps in heat during winter but seals your rooms from heat during summer.”
(Fails to mention timber is equally effective)

“Even if you spend money to replace your existing windows with vinyl, you can likely make up this cost in energy bills in a few years. When paired with double-paned glass, the costs could be significant. The windows are even recyclable for those who are concerned about the environmental impact of construction waste.”
(Oh please – and who exactly recycles these yokes? The majority go straight to landfill)

(I love this one below)
“They are inexpensive to manufacture and install, since they fit into the existing spaces for your windows without changing your walls.” (!!!)
(But of course – you have to demolish half your house to install timber :rolleyes: )

(And this)
“You can choose how many panes your windows have, how they open, the width of the sill or trim, and their locking mechanism.”
(All impossible with other products I’m sure)

(This below is just unbelievable)
“Vinyl windows resist dirt, stains, mold, scratches, and dents. The exterior casing won’t fade or wear under ultraviolet sunlight. This means vinyl windows will last far longer than aluminum or wood.”
(Very simply patently untrue)

Good luck with your windows Maria 🙂

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