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Dear Graham,

Just logging back in now ,thanks for your notes on sash windows. I will never go PVC but may have to replace the timber in my windows one at a time! I had wondered if we could reuse the glass. There is a joiner on the North Strand road who I think I’ll try first and get a few quotes.

I’m not sure why people can’t see the value in original features including sash windows I’d take my character full house over a new semi d any day but my mother in law refrs to my house as ‘That kip’ it may be a kip but its my kip and its a kip with most of its orignal features including fireplaces and sash windows.

I would put a photo of my terrace on here to show the awful things people have done to these beautiful houses but I think it would upset too many people. 🙁

Thanks again for your thoughts.


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