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A typical sight in Irish country towns below, living heritage destroyed and a new idealised version generated with happy clappy paint and window boxes:

Heritageism gone mad in what is Mitchelstown I think – the render stripped from the façade to reveal a never meant-to-be-exposed crude rubble wall, and sashes removed 😡

A lovely Picturesque-gothic building wrecked with PVC frames in Bantry – I saw much worse in other gothic houses where priceless 1830s gothic timber frames have been removed in favour of plastic.

A fine distinguished building possibly in Kenmare has also got the treatment:

The (otherwise) delightful tiny little village of Durrus in west Cork:

…is there anything worse than top-hung casements in older buildings?

The lovely little town of Dunmanway has a fairly decent amount of sashes surviving, but a heck of a lot of this too:

But much of this pales into insignificance when one sees the state of the so-called heritage town of Cobh. Its distinctive Victorian charm has been ravaged by replacement frames, here’s its landmark hotel:

And a lovely round-ended terrace showing a before/after-like scenario:

Didn’t have the time or will to capture half of the devastating damage done to this important town.

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