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Yes, an important distinction to make. Hard deal is still expensive though from what I can make out, well on its way to being as expensive as the hardwoods.

It is the unfortunate reality of timber window-making today Maria (and indeed other timber goods), and it’s only getting worse because of the dominance of PVC: the more people that want plastic, the more timber becomes a pricey niche product.

Personally I’d live with rotting, shaky original sashes any day over PVC, but obviously most people have rather different priorities :).
The fact that you still have your sashes intact Maria is at least some consolation in the replacement dilemma – to restore windows is generally less expensive than total timber replacement, and secondly you have all the original details in situ, from pane arrangements to timber widths to horn design etc – all of which could be a pain to replicate if the sashes were removed some years ago.

At the end of the day it is up to you as to what you want to go for (as to whether this should be the case is another debate :)), and how much you value the architectural merit of the sashes, and their heritage value.
I’ve never had experience of having to restore sashes so can’t quote you – though saying that, PVC and/or aluminium can prove very expensive also, PVC in particular is by no means a cheap option with all suppliers, particularly that wood-grain effect product.

The value of the original glass in the sashes is also something to consider, as is the undoubted appeal of timber as a natural material. I am ever so slightly deeply deeply biased against PVC so really should shut up – but just to say, people, even with all the money in the world, practice such double standards when it comes to windows it just beggars belief – they swoon over cornicing and fire surrounds, but swing pickaxes at original windows.
A serious redressing of the balance is in order in this country.

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