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[font=Times New Roman:1v2hseb6]Dear All,

I was googling for information on Sash windows in Ireland and came upon this thread and thought perhaps some of you may be able to offer some advice.

I am the proud owner of a 100 year old house in North Inner City Dublin. Its a tiny red brick terrace house with many of the original features still intact. As is mentioned in this discussion in relation to similar properties many of our neighbours bought the houses recently and tore out everything old and replaced it with new features. I have no architectural expertise but I do love the original features in our house and it was one of the reason I was attracted to the house in the first place. Our Sash windows are now in very bad shape and need repair. I have not set a budget yet for this as I have no idea where to start looking for information on the repair or who to go to. I really do not want PVC but fear that repairing them to their original state will be very expensive. Do I go to a joinery or where do I start in trying to keep this beautiful feature in my house? [/font:1v2hseb6]

Any information anyone has on this would be most welcome (particularly any ball park figures) on the replacement of Sash windows including a beautiful but small Bay window at the front.

Many thanks.

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