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An excellent report – though it doesn’t take into account that the newer PVC product coming on the market now seems to be much more durable than that of even five years ago – seemingly having a life far beyond the average of 20 years stated.
And didn’t you youself Monty say that 60 years is now not an unrealistic lifespan for PVC – the very same life as stated for timber in the report?!

One shiver-inducing point made though is particularly pertinent to Ireland – one can only imagine the waste mountain of PVC we’re going to be facing in 20 years+. Literally every single one of the 80% of homes being fitted with PVC in the past goodness knows how many years, and at present, plus 90% all the tens of thousands of houses ‘getting the windows done’ as we speak are going to need their windows replacing at roughly the same time…:eek:
What the heck are we going to do with it all?!

Will regulations have come into effect by then?

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