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Nice building – the hood mouldings over the windows are cute. They should have done the decent thing and reinstated correct windows along with the other work.

@Graham Hickey wrote:

What a shame – especially as two-over-twos are quite rare in such quantities and are more elegant (I think) than one-over-ones.

Yes, they were lovely. The (Leonard’s Cnr) pub seems to date to about 1870. Like the Connolly Station windows, these two-over-twos seem to be in the transition between multi-pane Georgian sashes and later single-pane sashes. While major buildings like Connolly availed of larger panes as soon as they were available (mid-19th cen.), it seems the change to larger panes was more gradual in less important buildings (like the pub); – apparently it was still cheaper to make the small panes of glass & use ‘Georgian’ sashes (I imagine the opposite is true today).

The attractive handcut brickwork of the pub soon gave way to the sharp machine cut orange brick ( 🙁 ) which was so ubiquitous right up to the start of the Second World War.

Speaking of the Connolly area, another glaring example of PVC in a prominent building is the fine stucco front of the North Star Hotel directly facing the station. It’s a Protected Structure, so sashes will have to go back sooner or later 🙂 (& a few survive in the ground floor).

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