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Kevin 123

As a new person in the ‘Pvc trade’I would just like to share some of my opinions. I agree that pvc windows are not well suited to many older buildings, however in many cases it’s the style of the window which is wrong not the window system. I think that you are offering a very biased view on the situation. Pvc has many advantages over wood, in todays busy society where we are hearing more and more about ‘time poverty’ wooden windows are Idealistic but not practical in many new houses. In the areas of security, insulation and mantainance the advantages are clear, with shootbolt locking systems, 28mm glazing, five chamber profiles etc. pvc has a lot to offer. In twenty years of varnishing, treating and mantaining timber windows all a quality pvc window will need is an occasional cleaning. I was recently called out to do a service in a house which has replacement pvc windows fitted since 1986. All that was needed was a new profile cylinder as the keys had worn and would not turn in the lock. This was the first service and it looks like they’ll last as many more years.
Many suppliers of wooden windows are selling them simply because they are wooden, they are often the same style as pvc windows but less secure, have higher U-values and will need to be replaced much sooner.

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