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this is a great thread, I’ve learned more about windows here than I did during my five years at college. What’s most impressive is the before and after pics., these should be broadcast every day with the angelus, I’m sure there’d be enough examples to keep going for a good few years. Actually come to think of it, has there been any exhibitions like that in Ireland showcasing bad developments?

Wouldnt it be great if every town council had an image database showing the changing facades of its streets, at least then public opinion might be roused against the destruction being carried out on their built environment. Surely this wouldnt be too much to ask in the age of the digital camera. Also, why is it that Ireland in particular is so subject to the tyranny of PVC? having lived in Paris and Oslo I find it confusing as to why I never remember seeing it anywhere there.

In relation to non-timber alternatives, I was amazed to find out how energy efficient aluminium was when used as a recycled material compared to other materials, but how does one go about doing this in Ireland, and is there a whopping great fee for one’s efforts to be environmentally friendly?

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