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@Graham Hickey wrote:

As for the view across the quay – one dreads to think what it looks like now with that yoke thrown in in place of what was the most charming of all buildings in that terrace.

As you probably noticed Graham, it had a central chimney stack, which is unusual. That and the small window proportions indicate a very early building, possibly of the late-17th or early-18th century. And quayfront buildings like this have a vital townscape role. I just don’t know what Town Councils are doing in granting demolitions for stuff like this…

And yes, the hierarchy of importance of the 1st floor windows over the floors above as reflected in the selective 19th century replacement of sashes in the building on the right, just like the in Sick & Indigent Roomkeeper’s Society building in Dublin – it makes their destruction and replacement with PVC even more savage….

The ACAs really do need to happen as a matter of urgency….

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