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You’re having a laugh?!

Saying that, the OPW have had practice with the PVCs in Leinster House & National Museum. It is a disgrace that they are using PVC, firstly in historic buildings, and secondly as a mere temporary measure. Are these going to be recycled afterwards? And what of the costs involved?
Why can’t simple wooden boards be erected in place of the windows being restored like in any normal restoration project?
If necessary they could be painted black with the sash outline painted on to maintain continuity.

Here’s a no doubt well worn example of appalling PVC frames inserted into a key historic building – the pub on the corner of Amiens St and Talbot St in Dublin. It is but the third building to greet visitors to the city from Connolly Station, and the most notable from being positioned directly in front of the pedestrian lights.

The windows out of view in this pic on the apex of the building are truly ghastly. They’re the same as the ones facing Amiens St there, but as the primary feature of the apex they are an abomination, not least because they’re the older variety of PVC and have become very tatty, and also have never been cleaned it seems.

Interestingly though, from this first floor vantage point across the road you can see a single original timber sash still extant to the rear of the building. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was retained just to appease the fire officer as none of the other windows can be escaped through :rolleyes:

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