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Monty Gerhardy

@Devin wrote:

I checked out the Wynn’s windows myself too since Monty mentioned them….was reasonably impressed, although as with all double-glazed multi-pane sashes, the glazing bars skim over the surface of the glass, resulting in a slightly fake look. But at least they have copied the V-shaped sectional profile on the outside, formed by the putty in a traditional sash.

Its certainly possible to get double-glazed multi-pane sashes with individual insulated glass units but its not recommended. The problem is that such units require very ‘heavy’ glazing bars to support the weight of glass and to meet modern performance standards for wind-loading – the frame is not allowed to deflect more then 1/175 of its length. Generally the resultant glazing bar is so wide it looks shite. Anything that doesn’t look shite almost certainly hasn’t been performance tested. Single glazing has less stringent requirements and so facilitates thinner glazing bars. A minefield indeed.

At least the Wynns windows have dispensed with the superfluous spacer bar between the glazing bars. This is only noticeable when viewed at a very acute angle.

Is mise le meas,

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