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Those pictures are literally stomach-churning, not least the Wyatt building. It really just beggars belief!
There is a beauty in the decrepit old pile of a place depicted in the first picture, yet the happy clappy ‘newly renovated’ building shown next to it not only bears little resemblance to the first image, but is thoroughly ugly too.

That window is the building – without it it’s reduced almost to nothing. And not only has the fenestration been marred, the quoins have disappeared into the morass of pukey banana ice-cream, the shopfront has virtually no distinction from the upper floors, and the upper facade has been adorned with delightful feature ventilation grids!

As for the view across the quay – one dreads to think what it looks like now with that yoke thrown in in place of what was the most charming of all buildings in that terrace. And the neighbouring sashes we not only visually pleasing – they were living indicators of the history of glass-making, with the first floor windows being the only ones afforded the luxury of early cylinder glass: the Georgians having survived up till recent times.

And as for that last building – serendipity indeed… And look what they’ve done to the corbels – they’re like two dead parrots! 🙁

These photos are testimony to what you have been saying over the past while Devin about this practice being as rampant as ever – it is a crying shame.
Yes ACAs seem to be the only way forward in protecting streetscapes, and their rolling out cannot happen quickly enough based on this and anecdotal evidence from around the country.

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