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I was going to put these pictures on the ‘Beautiful’ (towns) thread, but they may as well go here.
I was in New Ross in 2002 and thought the Quay was very charming with its stone grain stores and terraced houses, especially this group (first picture above), with their intact 19th century timber shopfronts & sash windows. I thought the Council & townspeople must be aware of their value & are carefully maintaining the buildings’ character. Was back there again last summer (above picture) and the building on the right has had brown PVC windows and has been painted yellow to look like the one next door, upsetting the vertical-sub-division-of-buildings effect. The ‘T. Bradley’ building has also been PVC’d, and the red-painted building in the first picture appears to have been demolished & replaced by some mock-traditional shite with a roof pitch not-in-keeping with the terrace.

View of the Quay, New Ross, from across the River Barrow.


Then on the Main Street behind the Quay – a cute little shop building in need of repair and restoration in 2002 (left). By ’04 (right) the shop is in use again but its Wyatt sash windows have been replaced by the unmentionable white plastic.


Again on the Main Street – a sweet little former pub with period architectural features intact in ’02 (left). But by last summer (right) the dirty deed has been done….


It is just horrible that this is happening all the time. Since the Planning & Development Act 2000, there is better legislative protection for historic buildings and areas, but we’re still in the ‘kick in’ period. Not all of these terraced buildings in our towns (like the ones above) are fit to be ‘Protected Structures’. But, because of its great unity and quality, a town like New Ross (and many others like it) will need to be designated as an ‘Architectural Conservation Area’ in the coming years – and so will begin the slow process of reinstating sash windows and other inappropriately replaced period features….all this PVC-ing will have been a big waste!!! 😮

In the meantime, heaps of beautiful hand-crafted historic joinery and sparkling old glass has been/will continue to be destroyed. 😡

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