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What a pity – esp regarding the glazing bars which were very fine and delicate.
And they appear to be in an excellent state of repair (glass aside) in the first image πŸ™
What a shame that they slipped through the system.

The new ones are quite bizarre as they go backwards with the thickness of the glazing bars, indeed they almost look Queen Anne, yet go forward to the late Victorians with the horns!

Have you seen the glazing bars on the pink houses on St. Stephen’s Green? They are without doubt the thinnest bars known to mankind :). You’d wonder how the glass is even holding in the windows – really the very peak of Georgian refinement.

Here’s Wynns’ windows – they look very well, although no doubt they originally featured lots of shimmering early 20th century glass similar to Eason’s πŸ™
But the dead glazing aside, the double-glazed units are simply indistinguishable from single glazed from street level – really good, and without compromise on the slenderness of the bars.
Perhaps the peripheral frames of the arched windows are a teeny bit too wide?…but that could just be down to an unfair comparison with the Georgains, and their obsession with concealing the frame.

These windows look magnificent – and are painted a soft not-in-your-face shade of white.

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