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Yes – it pains me to have to say it but they really are quite excellent from a distance! Up close though is not pleasant.
But the major flaw in their design as always is the single pane of glass in each sash – as flat as a pancake in spite of the grid.

And to think the ground floor occupier is the swankiest, most contrived, most expensive home interior shop in the North East, priding itself on ‘quality’…

Yes DCC’s lack of action on the spreading of ACAs is extraordinary – maybe because they’re a major headache administratively? Protection of streetscapes can be nearly more important than individual strutures in many cases.

I love these houses below.
Isn’t it ironic that in spite of the half-century effort of the Victorians to rid themselves of cluttered Georgian grids, and their triumphant attainment of plate/sheet glass, the owner of the left-hand house here has decided to chuck this achievement out the window, preferring instead to reinsert an antiquated and incongruous feature – the Georgian grid.

It really says it all about window treatment in this country:

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