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Really? Well that’s good. I’m glad that Town Councils are getting on and designating ACAs. I’m dissapointed in Dublin City Council’s efforts so far with only O’C St. designated…There are so many city-centre streets that are prime candidates for ACA – like Capel Street, Thomas Street, Grafton Street – which have have large concentrations of older buildings which though not outstanding work well as an overall group. Also dissapointed that DCC are persisting with the old, toothless Conservation Areas in their new Development Plan 2005-11 🙁

There are some clanger examples of double-glazed Georgian sashes around town! Because 2 sheets of glass are involved, strips of wood have to run across the outside & inside of the window in a Georgian pattern…there’s no putty involved. I’ll post an example if I can.

The ‘Diamond Buildings’ windows in Dundalk are a reasonable imitation of a Georgian sash from a distance but are vile up close, with their selotape Georgian strips :rolleyes:

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