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Well much of Dundalk is ACA designated now – i.e post 2000, ACA ‘proper’. There was at least four areas proposed in the draft Dev Plan for the town; at least some if not all are now enacted, I think all are.

Agreed Monty about not disimproving the situation with regard to safety and replacement windows. With those new windows pictured above, there is simply no way any adult could fit through those openings without severe amputation…
With the others with higher opening lights, it is an impossibility full stop.
Sash windows have so many advantages over hinged windows on virtually every front, perhaps with the exception of security – if not properly secured they’re just as easy to get in through as to escape out…

Double glazing in old sashes is a thorny issue alright – I’d say a complete no no in the case of Georgian sashes unless the appearance of double glazing improves, but with Victorian plates it can look equally bad with the shiny metal strips between the panes brazenly evident. If this issue can be resolved (perhaps it has already) it would be a major step forward aesthetically – (this all based on the assumption that there’s no original glass left)Must have a look at Wynns tomorrow and see their double glazed panes – perhaps it can be done well.

You say Monty that “a defensible case could be made for replacing like with like” – is this your opinion or is it the actual legislation? Thanks

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