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Indeed……the conflict between keeping the character of an older structure and complying with the modern regulations is a minefield…….

Just about ACAs:

The Gresham like all the buildings in the O’Connell St. Architectural Conservation Area would have received correspondence from the Council explaining exactly what the designation entails. I’d be very surprised if new windows were put in the Gresham without approval.

As far as I know O’Connell St. is the only ACA in the state so far. ACAs are not to be confused with the pre-Planning & Development Act 2000 ‘Conservation Areas’ that most Development Plans still include. These are crap – they have no leglislative teeth – they are just objectives for the protection of an area, to be quoted in planning decisions etc….there is no recourse when a building has had inappropriate alterations. ACAs on the other hand carry the same weight as the Protected Structure system, but pertaining to exteriors rather than the whole envelope of the building.

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