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Monty, surely all replacement windows do not have to conform to such regulations, especially considering such a huge, allbeit minority amount, of existing windows do not conform simply by virtue of the size of the wall openings, or the position of the window.
Surely in such cases, i.e. with the majority of older buildings protected or not, these regs do not apply, as some if not all window openings would have to be changed in every single case.
Likewise how the current requirement of double-glazing in new-builds as far as I know does not apply in the restoration or re-insertion of sash windows….?

Agreed that energy efficency ought to be encouraged via tax incentives, indeed on a much broader scale than just windows!

From what I have seen thus far ACAs are simply not being enforced, or properly at least.
They are completely and utterly useless if people do not know about them, they are literally not worth the paper they’re written on.
At the moment it seems not only is the awarness aspect amongst owners not being promoted, but the owners are also likely to get away with their alterations as nobody notices – nobody brings them to the attention of the CC, not least the neighbours where it’s probably in their interests to keep quet so they can get away with more of the same themselves.

A property’s status ought to be stamped onto the deeds or similar permanent measure undertaken, and owners informed of the status upon change of ownership via one of the state agencies.
The main aim of ACAs is to protect areas of architectural merit, and in historic areas a related aim of preserving original exterior fabric. What is the point of taking proceedings subsequent to the damage being done, when the fabric has already been lost?!
The problem needs to be tacked at source via informing owners – as cumbersome a process as it may be – or at least until a sufficent culture has built up in this country which is going to take a long time…

Monty what building on O’Connell St do you refer to with PVC. There is a myriad of buildings with shiny PVC that are not but a few years old, much of which is borderline in terms of ACA and protected building legislation introduction, a lot of which more than likely tips well over into the post-intro period but it’s difficult to prove just by looking…

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